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Rockside Recycling - cardboard and plastics recycling

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cardboard and plastics recycling and waste management


 Commercial Waste Management - Site Surveys and Waste Audits

Why do I need a site survey?

A site survey from Rockside Recycling is the first step towards managing your commercial waste in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It's a great opportunity to help you assess your current waste production and management, update your understanding of your obligations under current UK waste management legislation, and identify key areas where you can earn a revenue from your recyclables.

What happens during a site survey?

One of our experienced site management consultants will visit your premises to assess the quantity and types of waste you are producing. They will then discuss your current disposal / recycling arrangements, highlight any areas where you can reduce disposal to landfill (and associated costs to your business), advise on compliance with current waste disposal legislation and identify potential revenue streams from your recyclable waste products.

A step in the right direction

Interested in earning money from your recyclable waste? The next step is simple. To arrange your free site survey now, go to our contacts page and fill in our on-line contact form.


"Rockside Recycling - turning rubbish into revenue"


cardboard and plastics recycling and waste management
Rockside Recycling - cardboard and plastics recycling

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