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Rockside Recycling - cardboard and plastics recycling

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cardboard and plastics recycling and waste management


 Rental, Lease and Hire of Balers and Compactors

The cost advantages of leasing

Recycling is big business, and of course you want to earn money on waste that you can recycle. But perhaps you don't want, or need, to commit to purchasing outright. Leasing a cardboard baler or plastics compactor offers you a flexible solution that can be more tax-efficient than making a large capital outlay. You'll know exactly what your monthly payments are, spreading the cost and enabling you to budget more accurately - giving you peace of mind and avoiding hidden costs.

Top-quality, up to date equipment

With a lease or rental option on one of our balers or compactors, you're able to get the equipment you need on-site straight away. Delivering the latest and best baling and compacting machinery appropriate to your needs, we'll also take care of the maintenance regularly, and any repairs will be attended to by our qualified technicians on a "soon as" basis. And if you like what you see, we can even offer you the option to purchase your baler or compactor outright at the end of the lease period at an attractive discount.

What do I do next?

Contact us today for further information about renting or leasing one of our balers or compactors. You can do this by filling in our on-line contact form. We'll then contact you to arrange a site visit and discuss the equipment most suited to your needs.


"Rockside Recycling - turning rubbish into revenue"


cardboard and plastics recycling and waste management
Rockside Recycling - cardboard and plastics recycling

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