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Rockside Recycling - cardboard and plastics recycling

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cardboard and plastics recycling and waste management


 Commercial Waste Management - Case studies and testimonials

Case Study 1

Riverside pub/restaurant business improves hygiene, reduces waste and cuts costs

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The Ashford Arms at Ashford-in-the-Water, on the outskirts of Bakewell, is one of Derbyshire's busiest pub / restaurants and also runs a thriving bed and breakfast business.

The high daily volume of catering at this establishment inevitably resulted in a large quantity of waste being generated. Faced with rising annual waste charges plus the potential problem of vermin and in view of the pub's location close to the river, executive head chef Robert Muxlow invested in a 5030 bag compactor from Rockside Recycling. This investment has immediately led to a reduction in the number of 1100 litre bins on site (thus saving valuable storage space) and has greatly reduced the pub's annual waste charges. There has been an overall improvement in the general cleanliness of the bin area with no overspill and all compacted waste is now secure from smells. The reduction in waste, coupled with a more hygienic method of containing and managing waste has made for a cleaner, more pleasant working environment.

If you own or manage a pub, restaurant, takeaway or other catering facility please contact us today to see how Rockside Recycling can help you manage your waste more effectively.

Case Study 2

Cardboard baler reduces waste and cuts waste disposal costs by over 1,000 per month

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When Fusion Provida, a multinational manufacturer and distributor of polyethylene pipe jointing equipment and fittings for utility infrastructure projects, first approached Rockside Recycling with regards to purchasing a baler they had four objectives in mind:

  1. To reduce the cost of cardboard waste disposal
  2. To improve cardboard recycling
  3. To become cost neutral within two years by removing cardboard skips
  4. To continually improve Environmental Performance in line with 14001 and company requirements

"With the help and guidance from Rockside we have managed to obtain the correct baler for our needs, train key personnel and improve the waste flow and apprearance of the external areas on site."

"In addition to this we have managed to become cost neutral in just 7 months and will achieve an annual cost saving of over 13,000." says Patsy Gilthorpe of Fusion Provida.


"Rockside Recycling - turning rubbish into revenue"


cardboard and plastics recycling and waste management
Rockside Recycling - cardboard and plastics recycling

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