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Rockside Recycling - cardboard and plastics recycling

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cardboard and plastics recycling and waste management

 Balers for cardboard, plastics and other recyclables

We supply balers to suit all requirements, from large factories right down to small retailers. A selection of our most popular balers appears here. All are designed and built to a high specification by reputable manufacturers and will give years of trouble-free service, needing only minimal maintenance and operator training to ensure optimum performance.

RR151 Single Chamber Baler

RR50L Single Chamber Baler
  • Reduces waste disposal costs
  • Compact machine occupies minimum space
  • Reduces risk of fire
  • Leads to a tidy work environment
  • Saves time spent managing waste
  • Saves space
  • Earn income from your baled materials
  • Ideal for larger premises
  • Door mounted cord cutter
  • Fully automatic cycle
  • Automatic bale removal


Feed Opening W x H x D (mm)


Bale Size W x H x D (mm)


Bale Weight (kg) (cardboard)

150kg -> 200kg

Compaction Force

10 tonne

Motor Power


Electric Supply

240V, 13A - single phase

Machine Weight (kg)


Machine Dimensions W x D x H (mm)


Cycle Time (sec)


Type of Tie/No. off

9mm Tape, 4 off

Method of Removing Bales

Automatic Tip Mechanism

Electric Rating Standard

IP55 (Optional IP65)

Sound Level

78 dBa


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"Rockside Recycling - turning rubbish into revenue"


cardboard and plastics recycling and waste management
Rockside Recycling - cardboard and plastics recycling

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