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Rockside Recycling - cardboard and plastics recycling

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cardboard and plastics recycling and waste management


 About Rockside Recycling

Who are we?

Rockside Recycling Ltd is a waste management company based in Matlock, Derbyshire, a convenient central location providing an ideal base from which to work with our customers across the entire UK. Founded by Neil Parkinson, an experienced waste management consultant, our aim is simple - we want you to earn real money from your recyclables by providing the equipment, service and support you need to achieve this.

Why use Rockside Recycling?

Drawing on over forty years of combined experience across all aspects of waste handling and management, we're confident that we can provide a service that will exceed your expectations. Our experts will provide you with a free site survey, identifying areas where you can save money and advising on how to compact, dispose and recycle your waste materials in an environmentally-sensitive and lucrative way.

Leaner waste, greener future

Realistically integrating waste management and cost-effectiveness with environmentally aware vision, Rockside Recycling work with your business to make a difference to our lives, our futures, and our environment - locally, nationally and globally. Using the latest technologies, equipment and knowledge, we guarantee to help you minimise your landfill waste and maximise return on your recyclables. Want to find out more? Contact us for an informal discussion. You'll be surprised at what we can do for you.


"Rockside Recycling - turning rubbish into revenue"


cardboard and plastics recycling and waste management
Rockside Recycling - cardboard and plastics recycling

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